How to integrate social media into your lesson plan!


Everyone is talking about social media  or  using social media to talk!

social media map

social media map

Facebook, twitter, skype,  blogging - all of these web 2.0 tools are  hot topics of discussion.  Get your language students talking about it and integrate social media into your language lesson plan! Not only will your clients  practice the art of small talk, they may even learn something new about social media!

Ideas for engaging discussion could include the following:

  • definition of social media -ask your student to explain it in their  own words
  • ask  about the  types of social media that they use on a personal level, company level
  • ask about how their  company uses social media
  • discuss the  advantages/disadvantages of social media
  • discuss  social media stories such as twitter in the news ( CNN /Oprah /Kutcher)
  • discuss social media as an opportunity to earn money!Click Here!
  • explore some social media sites (twitter/skype/facebook)  together and language used regarding the different activities.
  • open a social media account with your client to familiarize them with the current lingo
  • discuss how new words enter English language with the new technology. Example: Google is now a verb! Google it or google me for more information about my background.

Common Craft produces short explanatory videos that are focused on making complex ideas easy to understand. Here is a video that talks about social media in general.

The video below  explains Twitter.

Here is a  free social media worksheet.  I personally hate downloading something without seeing if it is really useful to me. So in order to make it as pleasant for you as possible, I have  embedded into my site.  After reviewing the document, if you like it, feel free to download it here. Download your coachENG file

Talking about Social Media in English - Get more Business Documents
If you have used this lesson plan with a student , or have one of your own please  we’d love to hear back from you.


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